Pre-bonded Hygienic Panels

Designed to suit controlled environments, our Hygienic Bonded Panels are a practical and cost-effective building board, lining solution for a wide variety of applications.

Available as a Hygienic PVC Bonded Panel or in Advantica L, choose the one that is best suited to your substrate.

Thanks to their advanced adhesive technology, each panel can be tailored to its desired application, including various plasterboard substrates, Magnesium Oxysulfate panels, Lightweight Insulation, MDF and other wood-based products.

A closer look

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Common areas of application

  • Medical Environments
  • High-traffic public areas
  • Changing Facilities
  • Food Processing Areas
  • Clean Rooms
  • Laboratories

HYG PVC Bonded Panels

Super resistant to the growth of micro-organisms and easy to clean, our HYG PVC Bonded Panels are approved for use in chemical and food processing areas in accordance with the certified EU Directive 97/48/EC.

The panels are also resistant to environmental influences and sterilising agents, meaning it is a very cost-effective solution for most applications where a sterile environment is required.

Advantica L

Advantica L Control is a robust and highly-durable pre-finished steel for use in demanding controlled environments and high-traffic areas.

Highly resistant to staining and 100% food safe, the Advantica L meets all the stringent requirements for continuous food contact.

It has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-static properties which can minimise the attraction of dirt and dust.

Easy Installation

Thanks to its simple click-lock extrusion system, installation is quick and easy – with no specialist training, tools, fixtures or fittings required.

The female extrusion is fixed back to the metal or timber stud. Panels can then be fixed along perimeter edges, with 51mm drywalt screws at 300mm centres.

Once complete, the male extrusion is locked in place on the joint to conceal the screw fixings and joining line.

Simply choose the PVC Bonded Panel or Advantica L that’s best suited to your project and enjoy an aesthetically-pleasing finish.