Ideal for use in modern off-site construction, Magply is a Euroclass A1 fire mitigation sheathing board for timber frame, steel frames and Sip panels.

Originally designed for Leisure Home manufacturers and the Modular Building industry, it features a Magnesium Sulphate formula to offer enhanced stability and durability. Magply is now used in schools, student accommodation and hospitals – thanks to its internationally-recognised fire testing accreditations.

Whether you need excellent fire integrity or racking strength, this fire-safe and lightweight multi-functional board offers premier performance.

A closer look

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Premium Benefits

Simple to cut

Easily cut to size using the traditional ‘score and snap’ method with a standard utility knife.

Easy to install

Magply boards are not prone to cracking or splitting when installed with a pressurised nail gun.

Fire tested

Fire resistance tested in accordance with BS EN 1365-1:2012 – 67 minutes integrity for a loaded wall assembly and 75 minutes for PIR timber frame to BS EN 1364-1:2015.

Versatile uses

A great alternative to regular plywood, OSB or wood, Magply can be used for roofs, partition walls, dry lining or racking.

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