Softwood Timber

Strong. Durable. Versatile. Perfect for any project.

What’s not to love about softwood timber?

Whether you want to use the best European softwood or a speciality whitewood, we can source and supply it straight to your door.

Great for a wealth of different applications, softwood timber is suitable for high-quality joinery, carpentry or general construction.

Premium Benefits

Wide range

Redwood, Whitewood, Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, Thermowood, Laminated Redwood & More.

Sustainably sourced

We are committed to purchasing timber from legal and sustainable sources.

Cost effective

Trading partnerships with European sawmills allows us direct access to the raw material.

Easy to work with

Utilised by a broad range of industries, our softwood machined goods are provided to suit the customers needs.

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We love wood

It's the world’s most environmentally-friendly building material. That's why we only source timber that originates from sustainably-managed forests.