Timber Cladding

Modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Timber Cladding is ideal for adding the X-factor to any construction project.

From Cost effective softwood through to our Speciality Linax Cladding.


Warm, modern and earthy. Linax is ideal for creating a distinct, natural look.

Designed specifically for outdoor use, Linax is a hard-wearing timber that’s perfect for cladding buildings, garden rooms or adding a modern finish to exterior areas.

Produced in Sweden, by adding hot Linseed Oil into a vacuum pressure tank to evaporate water from the timber, the planed Redwood is UC3 high-pressure treated to be super strong.

It's easy to install, thanks to its hidden fix jointing system that uses strong stainless-steel fasteners.

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Softwood Cladding

Bespoke products and profiles to suit your needs

We manufacture softwood cladding for a variety of Industrial end users with a specific focus on cladding materials for the Garden Building sector.

Sourced from responsibly-managed forests in Scandinavia & Northern Europe, our quality softwoods are FSC certified and PEFC chain of custody approved.

Thanks to our onsite milling facilities, we can offer stock from our standard range of Bulk Claddings and Framings sections - through to a bespoke service, creating products and profiles to suit your individual requirements. They can also be pressure treated in our onsite facilities.

With over 7,000m3 of landed joinery, we are far more than just an importer. We could be the solution you need.

Waney Edged Cladding

Waney Edged Cladding offers a traditional rustic look created by overlapping the panels sliced straight from the tree.

Each panel has one waney edge and one square edge supplied in around 4 metre lengths, the panels are laid to show the waney edge with an overlap of 40-50mm.

19mm x 250mm Panels.

Picture courtesy of Prestige Homeseeker.


Beautiful, tough and thermally efficient. No wonder Cedar is the species of choice for external cladding.

Originally employed to construct Cedar Greenhouses and Conservatories by Victorian homeowners, it remains a favoured material in modern construction today because of its durable properties and certified sustainable credentials.

Blend it effortlessly with other facade materials to achieve a low-maintenance, contemporary appearance.


Thermowood is produced by kiln-heating selected Scandinavian Redwoods to 212° Celsius, whilst being protected with steam, a thermal process which enhances the timber’s chemical and physical properties.

In external applications (BS EN 335 Use Class 3), Thermowood meets the requirements of Durability Class 2 (BS EN 350).

After thermal modification, the timber is naturally more durable and has greater stability over untreated or chemically-treated timber. This means Thermowood will suffer less shrinkage, swelling, cupping and distortion than ordinary wood.

Ideal for use as cladding, decking or for other outdoor applications, it does not need any toxic chemical preservative treatment.

Visually, the heat treatment process will give the timber an attractive deep brown appearance, which is consistent throughout the thickness, enabling further cutting, drilling or shaping without the need for additional preservative treatment.

Picture courtesy of Integra Buildings.

We love wood

It's the world’s most environmentally-friendly building material. That's why we only source timber that originates from sustainably-managed forests.