Sheet Materials

Buy premium quality wholesale Sheet Materials suitable for any construction industry.

We stock and distribute an extensive range of Hardwood & Softwood Plywood, Elliotis Pine Plywood, MDF, OSB, Hardboard, Chipboards, Melamine-faced chipboards & more.

OSB Sheets & Boards

When appearance and strength are not important and you need a cost-effective solution, turn to trade standard structural OSB boards.

Available in both OSB2 and OSB3, all boards are BBA Approved and made by reputable manufacturers.


Primarily used for internal applications, such as furniture manufacture, MDF boards offer great coverage, smooth edges and a consistent surface.

Available in standard MDF and moisture-resistant MDF, we stock and supply a wide range of different thicknesses and board sizes.


Ideal for internal cladding, flooring and furniture backs, we can source and supply standard Hardboard, Oil-based (Eucalyptus) and Perforated sheets. All available in 3.2mm thicknesses.

Hardwood Plywood

Known for its stability and strength, enjoy a premium quality Hardwood Plywood sourced from reputable suppliers and conforming to all EUTR rules.

If you’re working in a high moisture area or wet conditions, Marine Plywood is also available.

All stocks are manufactured with a WBP glue line and conform to BS1088, as well as PEFC® and FSC® regulations.

Choose from a wide range of thicknesses from 3mm up to 25mm, available in 2440x1220, 3050x1220 and 3050x1525 lengths.

Softwood Plywood

Commonly used for form work and shuttering, Softwood Plywood is also ideal for flooring and roofing – and can be provided with a tongue and grooved installation.

We stock and supply a wide range of Brazilian, Chilean, Chinese and Birch Plywood. Film-faced plywood is also available to order.

For furniture production and pattern-making industries, we also import a very high-quality Plywood from Latvia and Finland. Screw, glue and paint to make low-cost furniture, cabinets and fixtures.

Flooring Plywood

Enjoy a superior flooring finish and use the highest-quality Plywood Flooring Boards, available with a Tongue & Groove installation system for added strength. Slot and slide boards together easily to create one smooth surface. Available in standard 18mm and 22mm thicknesses.


Specify the strength, thickness and board size and order customised Chipboard suitable for all your construction needs.

Affordable and robust, we stock 2440x1220 P2 Chipboard lengths, available in 12mm & 18mm thickness.

Specially Tailored Sizes

Make life easy, save time and get the products you need in the perfect size for your production environment.

Enjoy bespoke sheet materials made to your exact specifications, chat to our highly-experienced Technical Manager and tell us what you need.

Our assembly operatives can use our state-of-the-art machinery to produce items ranging from complex timber components to simple sheet materials in finished sizes.